The Launch Ecosystem is the interconnected organizations that make up our effort to love God and love our neighbor. Since we started Launch International in 2015, our goal has remained the same: glorify God by loving our refugee and immigrant neighbors. Although we started loving our neighbors by purchasing and managing naturally occurring affordable housing, we always intended to expand our ability to interact with refugees and immigrants.In 2019, the ecosystem matured as we built out and defined Launch Capital Partners (LCP) and Launch Property Management (LPM). LCP is our asset management and private equity platform while LPM serves as our registered Public Benefit Corporation that actually does the day to day management of our properties. 

In 2019 we also expanded our capacity to love our neighbors by purchasing a commercial cleaning company. Clean Care is a strategic opportunity for us to move beyond providing hospitable housing to also providing access to entry level and low-english ability jobs. Clean Care jobs are yet another point of interface for us to love refugees and immigrants by helping them develop skills and move more quickly toward wealth creation.  Wealth creation is more than just a matter of a good job that helps its employees develop their skills. 

As 2019 came to a close, we put the finishing touches on a program that enables our refugees and immigrants to purchase single family homes through Launch. Our lease purchase program has created a lot of excitement particularly among our Congolese, Syrian, and Somali friends. We’ve crafted the program so that folks can participate even though they may have Islamic religious convictions against paying any interest on loans. With the relational trust that we’ve built over the years, these refugee and immigrant communities are eager to take the next step in their journey as new Americans: owning their own homes. The first family will move into their home in the beginning of February, 2020. 

Housing. Jobs. Refugees. Immigrants. Mission. Welcome to the Launch Ecosystem. Our desire is to love God and love our refugee and immigrant neighbors. We are thankful for what the Lord has accomplished for us and we are excited about the coming years!


Advance the Kingdom of God

Providing quality housing and good jobs, though an essential way we love our neighbors, is not in itself sufficient. Every human being has an eternal soul that will one day stand before God the Father Almighty and give an answer for their sin. Everyone's only hope is in Jesus Christ the Lord. He alone can forgive sin and make us right before God. And so all our efforts to love refugees and immigrants would be foolishly short sighted if we did not also make every effort to proclaim the gospel in the midst of our housing and job opportunities. Here are some highlights of the ways we have don't just that in 2019:

  • 2 Resident Managers (RM) host weekly Spanish language bible studies in their complexes. Pray for Guillermo (pictured left) and Yalili. We now have Launch tenants who work for Clean Care and who also come to bible study every week!

  • For 3+ months a RM shared the gospel extensively with an Arabic couple with whom they met regularly for marriage counseling. Pray for conversion!

  • Each of Launch's 7 RMs can tell multiple stories of the ongoing opportunities they have to extensively share the gospel with their tenants. Each RM is eager to show hospitality and share the truth of the gospel.


2019 Highlights

  • Formalized Launch Capital Partners and Launch Property Management. Check out our websites to see who has joined our team!

  • Acquired 200 more units bringing our total apartment count to 500.

  • Rolled out a Lease to Purchase program for single family homes that makes home buying more accessible for refugees and immigrants. 

  • The Refuge International Board of Directors concluded a year long search for a new Executive Director and we are excited that Matt Reynolds will begin in his role on Feb. 3, 2020. Read more about Refuge International here, and here. Subscribe to their newsletter here.

  • Acquired Clean Care giving us the ability to provide not only housing, but also entry level job opportunities.


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